Jan 31, 2022 • 3M

An idea for navigating stuckness

Stop banging the shovel against the same rock!

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The gist if you don’t like audio: I often call this process an excavation of my soul, but recently (and I mean for a few months, to be honest) I have been hitting a wall. Or, to stay on metaphor, I have been banging my shovel against the same rock, unable to dig further and tiring myself out with almost nothing to show for the time I am putting into the book. I’ve realized that while excavation happens in order in terms of depth (meaning, the more you dig, the deeper you get), it does not necessarily matter where you start. As such, instead of starting at the beginning or at the same place I feel stuck in, hoping a different day will provide a different result, I have decided to retreat altogether and start digging in the middle of my story, at a completely different starting point. So, potential creative following along with me: Give yourself permission to stop banging against the same uninspired point of your creative project. Move to a different point in the project, and come back to this later.